About CLENG And Why We Are An Excellent Choice For Your Business

Our strengths as a company are in our CM Analysis and in-situ Balancing & Alignment expertise. We have the experience and knowledge to get to the root of difficult vibration issues and then resolve them. Our balancing knowledge is second-to-none and we have a proven track record of resolving issues that other companies have been unable to rectify.
At CLENG we believe in taking a holistic approach to machine asset health, we integrate the latest technologies available to give you a complete picture of your plant condition.

Our unique reliability website lets you see, at a glance, the overview of your plant health and the improvements your CM program is making.
We understand the pressures of production and believe in working together to build an effective Condition Monitoring program.

Our goal is to prolong your equipment life and avoid breakdowns in service wherever possibles.

CLENG is ISO 9001/2015 registered ensuring highest quality

CLENG’s engineers are specialist-trained and registered to ISO 9001 standard, part of the ISO 9000 family of quality management systems designed to operate as a powerful business tool that can streamline operations, thereby reducing costs. ISO registration is a recognised way of showing customers and competitors that the company is serious about not only maintaining but continually striving to improve quality in operations.