CLENG are proud European partners of IRD Balancing, providing the world class IRD brand of Balancing products with first class ” local” European support. 

Balancing is an essential part of any rotating assets health. CLENG can advise you on the best Balancing Machine system for your application based on 20 years Balancing Machine experience.

What is balancing and why you need to do it

Balancing is the process of setting up a rotor so that it revolves about its running centre axis. In a balanced rotor, the running centre axis is also the mass centre axis. A balanced rotor will run smoother and without excess vibration. In an unbalanced rotor, the rotor it will revolve around its mass centre axis which is not the running centre axis. This causes vibration and excess wear and tear of the rotor. Reducing the life of the machinery.

Want help deciding on the right balancing machine or instrument for you? Talk To One Of Our Experienced Engineers

What Balancing Products DoesCLENGProvide?


Cleng provides soft bearing balancing machines from IRD®. These machines measure vibration displacement to determine the unbalance and can service a wide range of rotor sized because they are easily adjustable. No special foundations are required for these machines so they are portable and can be used in small spaces.

Cleng provides balancing instruments to complement the balancing machines. There are different models to choose from, they include features such as easy to use interfaces, portable design and enhanced operator tools and reports. We can help you decide which instruments will be best for your individual needs.


Want help deciding on the right balancing machine or instrument for you? Talk To One Of Our Experienced Engineers

What Our Customers Are Saying About CLENG

CLENG assist us on a regular basis, aligning various machines including high speed compressors following overhaul. CLENG alignment engineers have always been professional and technically competent.



We have a number of fans that regularly go ‘out of balance’, CLENG provide us with a top quality service, reducing the unbalance in an efficient and effective manner. The post balance reports are useful and often identify other potential issues early.



CLENG assisted us by implementing an effective Predictive Maintenance Program. They have Identified mechanical and electrical faults early, resulting in savings made by reducing downtime and failures in service. The engineers are knowledgeable and show a genuine interest in our needs.