can IRD Balancing Machine improve workshop productivity

At CLENG Limited, one of the questions new clients often ask us is how can an IRD balancing machine improve productivity, and this is an area we have invested a significant amount of expertise over the last 20 years.

Half of our business activities involve providing machine balancing machine products and services to our clients, and we’re proud to be European partners for IRD Balancing, providing first-class local support across the UK, as well as giving our clients full access to the world-class range of IRD balancing machines.

All machine assets that rotate need balancing – this includes motors, pumps and turbines. The ‘Soft Bearing’ technology provides extremely accurate Mass Centre Displacement readings of the rotor’s rotating centre line. Balancing using an IRD Balancing machine system helps clients’ machinery to run more smoothly, last longer, reduce repairs and downtime, as well as increasing overall productivity.

IRD Balancing Machine

Workshop Balancing is the process of setting up a rotor in a Balancing Machine and correcting the unbalance so that it revolves about its running centre axis. A precision-balanced rotor will run smoother and without excess vibration. Unbalanced rotors will cause vibration and excess wear.

At CLENG, we have experience of all makes of Balancing Machines but we specialise in the soft-bearing IRD balancing machines. These balancing machines are easily adjustable, have a modular design (which makes them ideal for updating old systems) and can therefore service a huge range of rotor sizes. Furthermore, no special foundations are required for our IRD balancing machines, so they’re extremely portable and flexible.

CLENG Limited balancing machines

The IRD 295+ flagship instrument provides the latest features of a windows based instrument including, network/Wifi connectivity, pdf reporting, database features (including multi component rotor storage to aid the production process) and the very latest ISO tolerance’s ‘ISO 21940-11-2016’ which replaces ISO 1940 currently used.

The General Manager of IRD USA had this to say about us: “CLENG and IRD’s mutual goal to provide superior customer service has forged an easy partnership between the two. Ensuring customers have easy access to technical support and training ultimately leads to their customers’ success, which is what both companies are focused on providing”.

IRD balancing machine CLENG Limited

If you’d like to find out more about how we can reduce your repair bills and downtime, whilst also increasing your productivity and profits by using IRD balancing machines, please get in touch here and mention this Blog post.