CLENG Is A Well Established Engineering Firm Providing Condition Monitoring, Analysis and Predictive Maintenance Services to Production Engineering Companies

CLENG offer a highly technical service with a direct ‘hands-on’ approach that reduces maintenance costs, improves machinery performance, reduces plant downtime and extends machinery life.

Condition Monitoring Helps You Run Your Plant Efficiently With Planned, Not Reactive Maintenance

A Condition Monitoring Program consists of regular data monitoring enabling your maintenance team to plan maintenance and repairs at convenient time. This avoids unexpected breakdowns, costly down time and means you get to run a more efficient engineering plant. Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance go hand-in-hand and are timeproven and accepted practices in today’s industries. A good CM program can offer potential savings ranging from 10-50 times the cost of the program. Need more information on how Condition Monitoring can you?

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Our Customers Benefit From Our 11 Years Of Condition Monitoring Experience

Our engineers are Condition Monitoring specialists, BINDT level 2 with a broad range of experience covering industries such as; Process Industry (including Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical etc), Manufacturing, Food and Beverage and Automotive. We understand how important it is to have access to your monitoring data whenever you need it, that’s why we provide all our customers with online access to their data using our unique online reporting tool. Want to see the reporting tool in action?

Questions about Condition Monitoring? Read Our Blog or Talk To One Of Our Experienced Engineers

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is the study of the vibration signature of a piece of rotating or reciprocating plant machinery to determine the cause of the vibration. Unbalance, looseness, misalignment, belt problems, motor electrical issues, bent shafts and bearing wear problems (including incorrect installation/clearances and lubrication issues) are identified.

A Condition Monitoring Program consists of monitoring machine assets on a regular basis. From the implementation of a base line and continued surveys of vibration data a trend can be created.

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Thermography, condition check of electrical & mechanical equipment

Our integrated technology approach to Condition Monitoring means we look at the ‘complete picture’ when analysing a machine’s condition. With a Thermographic survey, our qualified engineers will take any necessary current/load readings and include these in the report.

This encompassing approach ensures that the CLENG Thermography report will not just highlight ‘hot spots,’ but give a practical, conclusive report that will enable the most cost-effective and efficient corrective action to be scheduled.

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Laser Alignment

CLENG Laser alignment avoids damage to components such as bearings, shafts, compressor shaft seals and couplings.

Additional benefits and savings include:

  • Avoid labour costs incurred to replace damaged components
  • Avoid downtime costs whilst damaged components are replaced
  • Improved power consumption
  • Improved plant safety by reducing the risk of sheared shafts and couplings

All CLENG Laser Alignment applications are carried out to either the manufacturers, or to recognised ISO alignment tolerances. A final Vibration Level & Thermographic report will also be produced.

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Balance Machine Service & Calibration

At CLENG Ltd we believe that the success of your balancing department is not just based on the balancing machine itself but also the quality of your balancing engineers. That is why the CLENG BALCAL contract includes a yearly calibration of your Balancing Machine System with a full mechanical service and Instrument health check. Time will also be spent with the operators  providing refresher training. This development of your operator skill-set could also expand your capabilities into new areas of balancing service. Portable Vibration instruments can be calibrated by CLENG ensuring that whichever instrument make you use the quality of your results are ensured.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About CLENG

CLENG assist us on a regular basis, aligning various machines including high speed compressors following overhaul. CLENG alignment engineers have always been professional and technically competent.



We have a number of fans that regularly go ‘out of balance’, CLENG provide us with a top quality service, reducing the unbalance in an efficient and effective manner. The post balance reports are useful and often identify other potential issues early.



CLENG assisted us by implementing an effective Predictive Maintenance Program. They have Identified mechanical and electrical faults early, resulting in savings made by reducing downtime and failures in service. The engineers are knowledgeable and show a genuine interest in our needs.



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