Condition Monitoring Prescriptive Maintenance

As many of our clients in the food, power and automotive industries will know, providing preventive maintenance programs which include condition monitoring and prescriptive maintenance services forms a linchpin of CLENG’s current service offerings across the UK.

Technology has come a long way in the last few years, and online monitoring has become an incredibly useful way for clients to monitor the health of their machines online, saving time, money and dropping potential down-time.

Although our team of CLENG engineers are very much focused on site visits with hand-held monitoring equipment to provide a bespoke service for each client, we have also embraced online platforms in recent months, to ensure that our clients have the most rapid and up-to-date vibration analysis data.

Having attended a national conference on prescriptive maintenance in condition monitoring and vibration analysis, Managing Director and company Founder Colin Leigh is constantly utilising innovation and new technologies.

Prescriptive maintenance, in particular, provides information on specific faults in machines, as well as identifying trends over time where there could be future problems due to process or design within an individual machine.

This, of course, could ensure that a machine is booked in for repair well before any fault occurs, potentially saving tens of thousands of pounds of revenue being saved per hour if a machine suddenly goes offline with issues relating to bearings or imbalance issues.

At CLENG, we also give our clients a report site area to log into, an online communication portal (which vastly increases the flow of information between engineers), where they can see the current state of their assets and the health of all their machines being monitored by us for them.

Downtime is expensive, and prescriptive maintenance in condition monitoring represents an in-depth, real-time reporting option for machines on-site.

We believe that prescriptive maintenance is the way forward in terms of more effective condition monitoring, and are pleased to see our clients saving significant amounts of revenue as a result of utilising our online report site which includes a specific prescriptive maintenance area.

Prescriptive maintenance is focused on why a machine might keep getting the same problem, rather than simply paying to fix it each time a fault develops.

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