What is Shaft Misalignment? In very broad terms, shaft misalignment occurs when the rotating center-lines of two (or more) machinery shafts are not in line with each other. The importance of having any two rotating elements connected across a coupling aligned within tight tolerances has always been an important installation and maintenance issue.

With increases in production and machinery speeds, precision alignment has become crucial to machinery condition. Misalignment will cause increased vibration, wear and heat not only to the coupling but all connected components 

Correctly aligning rotating machines across couplings, be it pumps, fans, gearboxes, compressors or turbines has many advantages and savings such as
  • Prolonged equipment life and avoid damage to the likes of
    • – Bearings – Shafts – Compressor shaft seals – Couplings
  • Avoid labour costs incurred to replace damaged components.
  • Avoid downtime costs whilst damaged components are replaced.
  • Improved power consumption.
  • Improved plant safety by reducing the risk of sheared shafts and couplings

All CLENG Ltd laser alignment applications are carried out to either your own, the manufacturers or to recognised ISO alignment tolerances.
In line with the CLENG Ltd integrated approach to Condition Monitoring the Laser Alignment report can include a Vibration Analysis or Thermography reading to give a baseline for future machinery condition trending. This ensures that you get the most out of your machinery assets as well as see the real benefits to laser alignment.