Lexseco core loss testing machines

At CLENG, we’ve been official agents in the UK for Lexseco core loss testing machines for three years, and our clients in the rail, food and automotive sectors often ask what are the benefits of using the equipment.

Lexseco core loss testing machines are particularly beneficial for the repair of large electrics motors in the rail industry, and we’ve built up an impressive record recently in delivering traceable results utilising Lexseco equipment.

We wrote a Blog post recently defining core loss testing, which is also a useful general background and reference tool. Visit here to find out more.

Lexseco core loss testers are used globally by motor repair companies and the maintenance workshops of large motor users such as rail companies, armed forces and various utilities. Motor manufacturers use these core loss testing machines extensively for quality control during their production processes, and we’ve been fortunate enough to assist many global brands.

Some of the main benefits for our clients when working with us and utilising Lexseco core loss testing machines include:

Automation – our core loss testers are computer controlled systems, which helps to reduce testing time while also increasing accuracy, whilst still delivering an any-point manual over-ride option.

Safety – Hot Spot test are automatically timed to prevent overheating of the core, whilst we can also produce test results and then automatically ramp the power back down.

Reliability – our Lexseco core loss testing machines provide complete reliability for clients, with features such as safety fuses, over-temperature protection, surge suppressors, circuit breakers, current limiters, phenolic covers, patented solid state controls, control over output and VRT.

Accuracy – the Flexseco flux metering system has been designed after decades of research in the field of core loss testing, and measures flux, true RMS current and watts at the highest accuracy levels available on the market.

Flexibility – there is the capacity to burn out old windings in motors, which means it allows for testing prior to burnout, or if the core is defective. This saves potentially a huge amount of down-time in the workshop.

Actionable – Lexseco core loss testers utilise thermal imaging or magnetic paper tests, so it is possible to quickly and easily see damage within motors. We can also produce reports and provide traceable results for any core loss tests.

If you’d like to find out more about how our use of Lexseco core loss testing machines can benefit you, please get in touch here and mention this Blog post.