Thermography or Thermal Imaging is a technology that uses a thermal imaging camera to measure the temperature of equipment remotely, without contact.  This is accomplished by measuring the infrared energy radiating from the surface of the target and converting this measurement to an equivalent surface temperature.

Thermography has developed over recent years to become an integral part of any effective Condition Monitoring Program. Thermography has certain advantages over other Condition Monitoring technologies. Applications that have restricted or limited access, such as machinery situated behind safety guards or equipment at heights, normally cannot be checked but using Thermography now can be.

One of the main advantages of using Thermography to check equipment condition, be it Electrical, Mechanical or Process is that the equipment can be checked live or whilst running, therefore avoiding any stoppages in production.

Thermography is used in an ever increasing range of industries. Some typical effective applications are

  • ELECTRICAL: Control Panels, Distribution Panels, Fire risk panels/cabling, Transformers, Switchgear, Electrical connections, Loading Issues/Phase Unbalance and Insulation failures.
  • MECHANICAL: Bearings including lubrication and fitting issues, Seals, Coupling problems including misalignment and wear friction, Belt drive wear and misalignment, Motor rotor &
    armature issues, Motor bearings and Overloaded pumps.
  • PROCESS: Pipework stresses, Blocked Pipework and vents, Steam traps and Insulation.

At CLENG Ltd we take an integrated technology approach to condition monitoring. This means we look at the ‘complete picture’ when analysing equipment condition. With respect to a Thermographic survey, where applicable our qualified engineers will take any necessary current/load readings and include these in the report. The engineer can carry out a vibration analysis and include these details in the report. Mechanical components can also be tested if they are suspected to be causing a panel/loading issue and the results cross referenced and reported. This approach has the added benefit of confirming suspect faults and also highlighting additional potential issues.

This integrated approach ensures the CLENG Ltd Thermography report will not just highlight ‘hotspots’ but give a practical, conclusive report that will enable the most cost effective and efficient corrective action to be scheduled. We at CLENG Ltd are keen to assist through consultation and action in maintaining your machine assets to the highest standard and keep downtime to a minimum.