Condition Monitoring using Vibration Analysis is a valuable tool in any preventative maintenance program. By analysing the vibration signatures produced by a machine, faults can be identified. Through trending, breakdowns in service can be avoided and necessary maintenance work scheduled for a time suited to production.

There are many benefits of a correctly planned and executed Condition Monitoring Program, some of the benefits of Predictive Maintenance against Reactive Maintenance include


  • Fewer breakdowns means less downtime.
  • Identify easily rectified jobs such as balancing, misalignment and looseness.
  • Avoid damage to Fans, Motors, Bearings, Seals, Couplings/Pulleys and foundations.
  • Reduce environmental issues such as noise pollution to plant area and surrounding residential properties.
  • Trending of equipment condition enables efficient scheduling of maintenance activities to a time that suits both production and available staff resources.
  • Comparison of vibration levels against process or production output can help identify various process issues such as specific problem speeds, rectification of these issues can aid with plans to increase output/speed of plant.
  • New equipment with potential issues can be identified during warranty period.

CLENG Ltd engineers have a broad base of engineering experience covering; Chemical process and manufacture, Pharmaceutical, Process line product manufacture, Food and Beverage, Paper Industry and Automotive. As you would expect this includes working with all rotating equipment including; Motors, Fans, Pumps, Rolls, Compressors and Turbines.
CLENG Ltd also carry out comprehensive ‘One-off’ machine vibration analysis, with a full report being produced. At CLENG Ltd we take an integrated technology approach to condition Monitoring. This means we look at the ‘complete picture’ when analysing a machine’s condition. With respect to Vibration Analysis, where applicable relevant Thermography or Electrical loading tests will also be included in the report. All reports also have a maintenance ‘sign off’ section to cover work completed and any useful feedback. This also helps to measure the effectiveness of the condition monitoring program.
Other Services offered include Full Condition Monitoring Program set-up and management, Data collection and consultancy for ‘in-house’ condition monitoring.
To ensure the effectiveness of the Condition Monitoring program we have developed our own reliability web portal called  C.A.M – CLENG Asset Monitoring reliability. This shows the complete plant health at a glance, multiple reporting format options, a communications system and a FMEA tool called Prescriptive maintenance that allows statistical analysis of the plants faults and issues.